Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sketchbook Post 11

Uh oh.
I'm soooo late on this one.
And I - ahem - really don't have much to show for it.
This being mostly because I spent my week painting a new piece specifically for my portfolio to show that I can, in fact, paint (the quality of which is debatable though).  And I'm STILL doing a little tweaking to the painting here and there.  You'll find that down at the bottom of this post.

Oopsey doopsey, forgot a few sketches from a couple weeks ago :B
Here ya' go

For this post, you're going to spend some quality time with Claudia because I drew her A LOT this week.  Up above - the couple sketches I missed for previous posts - are the very first sketches of this character.  I'm still working to discover this character fully.  She's sort of a main character, so she needs a lot of love from me...her cruel, cruel mistress and creator-goddess.

 (included here is Claudia's sister, Sofia)

 (meh, too skinny)
 HANDS.  There's are kinda-sorta Claudia's hands (if you're wondering why the fingers are too short), but they probably won't often be shown in this much detail.  This was more of a refresher for me on how to draw these things.

Sofia once more.

Let's aquatint ourselves with some of the monsters, shall we?

 "...Now listen; this is important."


"...Of course I expected a couple of full-grown adults such as your parents to know better than to make a deal with a supernatural being.  Oh, they didn't know what I was until they signed, but my point remains."

Why is the lady with the sketchbook talking to herself?

I think I promised you a painting, right?

Now excuse me while I continue to tweak this thing to no end.  'Tis the plight of the frustrated artist.

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