Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sketchbook Post 11

Uh oh.
I'm soooo late on this one.
And I - ahem - really don't have much to show for it.
This being mostly because I spent my week painting a new piece specifically for my portfolio to show that I can, in fact, paint (the quality of which is debatable though).  And I'm STILL doing a little tweaking to the painting here and there.  You'll find that down at the bottom of this post.

Oopsey doopsey, forgot a few sketches from a couple weeks ago :B
Here ya' go

For this post, you're going to spend some quality time with Claudia because I drew her A LOT this week.  Up above - the couple sketches I missed for previous posts - are the very first sketches of this character.  I'm still working to discover this character fully.  She's sort of a main character, so she needs a lot of love from me...her cruel, cruel mistress and creator-goddess.

 (included here is Claudia's sister, Sofia)

 (meh, too skinny)
 HANDS.  There's are kinda-sorta Claudia's hands (if you're wondering why the fingers are too short), but they probably won't often be shown in this much detail.  This was more of a refresher for me on how to draw these things.

Sofia once more.

Let's aquatint ourselves with some of the monsters, shall we?

 "...Now listen; this is important."


"...Of course I expected a couple of full-grown adults such as your parents to know better than to make a deal with a supernatural being.  Oh, they didn't know what I was until they signed, but my point remains."

Why is the lady with the sketchbook talking to herself?

I think I promised you a painting, right?

Now excuse me while I continue to tweak this thing to no end.  'Tis the plight of the frustrated artist.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sketchbook Post 10

And now an even ten.  How long did that take me?  Procrastination makes perfect.
In other news, I'm really blowing through my current sketchbook.  Part of it might be due to it being a dinky thing.  As if I didn't have a problem with drawing too small in the first place.

Did some idea sketches for the home of one of my characters.  Interiors and furniture are probably my least favorite thing to do, but that's what I get for choosing a setting that wasn't a forest for once.

 Kinda want that chair

 Just an RV sticking out of the roof.  Nothing to see here.

Now some gesture drawings I did while on vacation.

 Much boats.  Our rental was right next to the spot where all the boats go out into the lake.  I literally only had about 11 seconds to draw them as they went by.  And still I didn't draw all of them.

Still not happy with his hat.

Is it Turbo time already?
The local arcade bullies have arrived.
Fan girl?  Who me?

Human characters!
Because I need to force myself to enjoy them.


Funny like a clown?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sketchbook Post 9

 Last week was fair week so I spent a few days up in Morris petting cows, being surrounded by fried oreos and being indifferent about watching the demolition derby.  Confederate flags as far as the eye can see.  So I didn't have very much time to work in my sketchbook.  And my post is a couple days late.  Tee hee.

I'll also be off on vacation next week, so my next sketchbook post will likely be late again.  And maybe you won't see as much *quality* stuff.  I might have lots of downtime, I might not.  Hope for gesture draws of people at the beach/park/wherever by next week.

It's Null!  The jack-o-lantern/scarecrow/gorgon (even though I'm pretty sure gorgons are female only?).
He needs a hat.  I'm still not happy with the hats I've given him for far.
Much sad.

Silhouette time.  I was hoping for a black marker, but all I had nearby was a blue highlighter.  ...a dying blue highlighter.

So, while I was at the fair, I picked up some free, cheaply-made crayons because...free.
I decided to use them up by making some mostly non-objective, make-it-up-as-I-go color drawings when I was bored.  The only colors I had were blue, red, yellow and green, although I made a point not to use the green too often.
Let's see if I can BS some titles for these guys...
Ready, set, go
 Chaos Emeralds

 LSD Dream Emulator


Mushroom Land

Ugly Wallpaper

Metal Tree

Hipster Cubism

Look ma, a frigging tree

Future City

Funhouse Murder


The Green One

Clown Vomit

Tim Burton Likes Spirals

Rabbit Hole

And now I think I'll leave you with this...
Poor Turbo.  He's never been the same since that Dreamworks movie about the snails came out.

I like Wreck-it Ralph.